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A WWII spy thriller and love story that takes place deep inside German Military Intelligence


"Charyn's blunt, brilliantly crafted prose bubbles with the pleasure of nailing life to the page in just the right words. Cesare is by no means lightweight fare, but it's provocative, stimulating and deeply satisfying." ―Washington Post
"A breakneck adventure. . . . It's a dark art to make a subject this grotesque quite this much fun." ―Wall Street Journal
"Spectacular. . . . This extraordinary tour de force showcases [Charyn] at the top of his game." ―Publishers Weekly (starred review)
"[An] edgy, hallucinatory, full-throttle fable." ―Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
"[Charyn's] taut story line is full of surreal visuals and elaborate illusions." ―Booklist